What’s happening between Myanmar and Japan? A few days ago Burmese make a protest request to the Japanese government. “Don’t be silent and don’t roll the flag Public strike by Burmese people in Japan” wrote ShizuYouth For Myanmar on a Facebook post. The protesters deliver their sadness to see that the Japanese government’s attitude towards Myanmar has not been clear until now and that it is becoming more involved with the coup d’état terrorist group.

Cited to nippon.com, Myanmarese Diaspora in Japan is going on worries for an oppressed homeland. As the pandemic happens all over the world, including in Myanmar, and has driven many of Japan’s Myanmarese residents to the brink. After a year of the coup, the Myanmar Army’s ever more ruthless suppression at home and shrinking work opportunities and incomes in Japan.

On the occasion, more than 200 Myanmarese Diaspora in Japan demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Myanmar’s embassy in Tokyo, observing a minute of silence in memory of the more than 1,500 of their countrymen who have been killed by the Myanmar Army since the coup.

The diaspora feels that it is necessary to stand together with the people who are suffering internally and resisting the military group fiercely. Therefore, this is their effort to pressurize the governments of the countries. Besides that action, the campaign has also been created in Twibbonize as below;


Link: twb.nz/burmademocracymovement

Currently, the campaign supports almost reach 2 thousand numbers in Twibbonize and is observed to continue to increase over time.

With the Twibbonize frame, ShizuYouth For Myanmar invites the people to give support for them digitally by sounding up this issue on social media. “Hello everyone ✊✊🏻✊🏼 On the 24th Japan nationwide To the Japanese government Will protest Myanmar Spring Democratic Revolution For public action We invite everyone to come together and join us for a Facebook Cover Photo” ShizuYouth For Myanmar invited.

Through this digital campaign, the supporters gather together with the hashtag #日本政府はミャンマーの国民統一政府を承認 #The Government of Japan approves the National Unity Government of Myanmar #軍を否定 #Deny the army #July24Nihon #JapaneseGovernmentAcceptNUGRejectMilitary.

“Let’s add this profile frame to show solidarity with Burma’s democracy movement to the Japanese Government,” wrote ShizuYouth For Myanmar on a Facebook post.

Let’s wish the best for Myanmar and Japan’s relationship and for the Burmese democratization movement to the Japanese government National to get over as soon as possible, so we can bring peace all over the countries.