The first campaign from Studio Djiwa arranged to raise the bullying issue at the momentum of Human Rights Day on December 10, 2021, has been successfully implemented. More than three thousand supports were obtained by the “Human Rights Day: United Breaking the Chain of Bullying” campaign through its Twibbonize frame. This number became a satisfaction for the Studio Djiwa team as the target they set is achieved.

Human Rights Day: Bersatu Memutus Rantai Bullying – by Studio Djiwa


This campaign is held for 4 days, from 8 to 11 December 2021. Campaign participants are invited to create Point of View (POV) content by those who have been involved in bullying events, either as victims, perpetrators, or as bystanders on social media. The content is all about what the victims of bullying feel, how the psychological impact is, what is behind the bullying behavior, and the reasons why bystanders did what they did.

In addition to the Twibbonize frame, there is also a series of attractive activities as part of the events in this campaign, such as small games on Instagram Stories, and creating a podcast.

In the implementation of this campaign, Studio Djiwa goes through the realm of psychology to raise awareness regarding the importance of mental health. The campaign doesn’t only focus on the perspective of the victims of bullying, but also on the perpetrators of bullying and the bystanders.

Bystanders are those who don’t take any action when bullying happens because they don’t feel responsible for what happened.

“We also want to instill that if we defend the victim, we are indirectly bullying the perpetrator, so we prefer to see them all as human beings. How does it feel from the victim, also, there might be such motive from the perpetrator, and from the bystander side, we want people to not be passive eyewitnesses, but actively act to protect the victim in a way not bullying the perpetrator as well” said Wulan, a Content Writer of Studio Djiwa.

The liaison officer of the campaign by Studio Djiwa, Olivia Susilo also said that “we want to show that bullying has a real impact, one of which is mental health. Bullying is not just a concept, not just a joke, but psychologically, especially for mental health, bullying can have a negative impact.”

Studio Djiwa is a community that accommodates issues related to mental health through education with art as the medium since May 2020. Bullying has become one of the mental health issues which is a concern for Studio Djiwa because of its real impact on not only the victims of bullying but also on other people around.

“Those bullying victims definitely got their mental health affected, and it has an impact on their relationships with other people around them, so people close to them will definitely feel the changes,” added Thania, a Teman Proyek of the Visual Design division of this campaign.

Just like stories about bullying on social media that touch the hearts of Studio Djiwa team members, this campaign is expected to increase awareness and understanding of the impact of bullying on mental health.

Thania said that “there are also many stigmas of bullying victims which make many of them difficult to talk about the problems they are experiencing, many people also do not understand the point of view of the perpetrators of bullying so that more people understand the phenomenon of bullying”.

According to the target of 1000 to 2000 participants expected by Studio Djiwa, this campaign has succeeded as it achieved around 1300 participants, most of the participants are high school students and college students from all over Indonesia to neighboring countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia.

The evaluation results of this campaign have shown that many participants expressed their gratitude for this campaign as the campaign has provided education as well as the opportunity and space for the participant to share their bullying experiences. One of the real impacts of the success of this campaign was manifested in a podcast containing experiences of bullying that inspired many people by a participant.

On the last day of this campaign, on December 11, 2021, the closing activity of Studio Djiwa has been realized through several social media contents that express gratitude to those who have helped the success of this campaign.

To Twibbonize News, a representative from the Events Division of this campaign, Felicia Kasela, conveyed her positive response that “the use of Twibbonize is very effective, only with a link or a QR Code, people can directly post their photo without any other applications or complex steps.”

Olivia also added Studio Djiwa’s impression from Twibbonize, that “it’s very instant and effective, so it minimizes confused participant on how to insert their photo into the frame, and so on advantages.”

Studio Djiwa is not alone in organizing this campaign. There are friends from Sadari Sekarang, a youth community that focuses on raising awareness about the importance of self-love through educational programs who have accompanied Studio Djiwa to make this campaign became a success.

In addition, several illustrators also played a role in the success of this campaign, including Agen Culun, Sisipasiii, and Odeuley. No wonder that Studio Djiwa’s digital content always attracts the eyes of anyone who sees it.

Further collaborations and projects are being prepared by Studio Djiwa’s team and they should be related to the mental health issue. Let’s look forward to and support other good movements that will be held in 2022!