Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas or Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will be celebrating its 86th Founding Anniversary. AFP was established on December 21, 1935, as the military forces of the Philippines which in accordance with the National Defense Act of 1935.

There are two missions behind the establishment of the AFP according to the official Civil Relations Service (CRS) Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)’s page, such as

  • Organize, train, equip, sustain and provide Information Support and Civil Affairs units in support of the overall Armed Forces of the Philippines mission.
  • Conduct Strategic and Operational Civil-Military Operations and CMO-Related Training in support of the overall AFP mission (AFP Internal Peace Strategic Plan – Kapayapaan).

After 86 years being the national defense, this AFP’s celebration will be anchored with the theme of “Alongside the People, Fighting for Peace, Symbol of Greatness.”

At this ripe age, the Civil Relations Service (CRS) Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has prepared for a Twibbonize frame to enliven the celebration on digital and online networks.

AFP @ 86 – by Civil Relations Service AFP


Supportive words for the nation of the Philippines, “PROTECTING THE PEOPLE, SECURING THE STATE” as written on the frame are the basis of the formation that is engaged in national defense and security we all know.

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) consists of three main service branches, such as the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy (including the Marine Corps) as shown in the photos on the right and left sides of this frame. There are more than 5 thousand Filipinos who used this frame and spread their supports on social media.

“Let us show our support to our Armed Forces by using this Profile Frame in connection with the upcoming 86th AFP Founding Anniversary. Download your photo and use this as your profile picture in your Facebook account! #KALASAGngPILIPINO #KALASAGngPILIPINO #AFP@86 #AFPyoucanTrust” is the description of this frame to invite Filipinos to share their support for their armed forces.

Go click the link of the frame, it will be so much easy to use and be shared on your social media. The Civil Relations Service (CRS) Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) also have prepared a caption for you to give your support on any digital platform.

For any updates or more information about the AFP, you may check the official social media account of Civil Relations Service Armed Forces of the Philippines on Facebook or its official website on