Whether it’s in 1:1 or 16:9 size format, it feels like every Twibbon (profile picture frame) campaign always has a crystal-clear purpose, ranging from showcasing college pride to selling products online.

But what if you just wanna have fun with your campaign without a second thought about the message or purpose?

Well, Twibbonize is the best place to make it alive.

In July 2021, a campaign called “Bucin”, an Indonesian slang word for “one who is madly in love” undertook the locals’ attention. Created by Yulita Irine, the campaign comes in two versions, a big, green dino photo frame and a smaller, yellow dino photo frame that clings to the bigger dino’s tail.

It’s a pretty simple campaign, right? No lofty goal or purpose, yet so many people have hopped onto the bandwagon and enjoyed the trend. It only required a few simple steps, after all: pick a photo for the frame, hit the download button and voila! The picture is ready to use and share. The campaign was everywhere—couples would use the frame on their profile pictures across various platforms, from WhatsApp to even TikTok. As of the writing of this article in August 2022, both versions of the campaign have gained 16 million supporters from around the world. Not only that, it went viral with tons of user-generated content (UGC) and “How to” tutorials with an astonishing number of shares (well, it’s the internet!).

Not to mention alternative iterations that came about as the K-pop community joined in the hype, centered around different characters like bunnies, dragons, or even K-Pop idols.

Speaking of K-pop, one thing that we can learn from its rise is that there is strength in soft power; you don’t have to be aggressive and force your campaign to have an obvious purpose to be successful. Just be distinctive.

K-Pop itself is distinctive in its way of delivering experiences to the audience. From the band’s high-quality performances to the polished aesthetics of each album’s artwork, K-Pop is an endless parade of exciting events. This in turn makes their fans willing to dedicate their time and money to find creative ways to connect with their favorites. From birthdays to album releases, they would hold celebration campaigns for a variety of occasions, transferring the experience to the digital sphere through Twibbonize.

Learning from Korean’s philosophy of Neo-Confucianism contained in K-Wave, one of the most important questions that we should ask ourselves is:

“In what way can we spread the virtues that we have and inspire everyone to create a better, harmonious society?”

Just like the “Bucin” campaign, we can start it small and simple by creating campaigns for your favorite topics, no matter how trivial. So long as your campaign brings joy to others, it will make its own way across communities and even the world. After all, don’t we love being a part of something bigger than ourselves and showing it?

Whether the purpose is promotional or has “no purpose” at all, Twibbonize is your place to create and nurture campaigns. It’s a free space to make an impact with every idea, no matter how big or small!