‘Internship’, this is where most people start their professional working life, the first step of your career exploration. In this stage, some of you are mostly working in the in-line industry with your educational background, but it doesn’t mean you can’t apply for a role that does not match your educational background at all. In Twibbonize, as long as your competencies can be fit in our bold and crazy environment, then you are a fit candidate to join.

Internship in Twibbonize is where you start to hone your skills, develop your knowledge with real work practices. That way, at Twibbonize, interns are also colleagues for all of the employees as everyone is all learning and developing together. The Twibbonize Internship Program is designed to help you hone your skills and broaden your knowledge in a start-up tech industry.

As you know, we make the work environment as fun and enjoyable as possible (have you looked at our career page?). Everyone can easily share values, beliefs, and ideas in Twibbonize, and of course including the interns! We learn from our interns as they learn with us.

Being an intern in Twibbonize means that you are joining the privileged gang!

We ensure the interns are did not have to worry about what to say to their classmates who ask about how their internships are going. They can even make their friends jealous of their internship tho! Because in Twibbonize, fun is for sure ✅, working quality is a must ✅, balance with personal life is absolutely ✅, next path career? why not ✅. Once you are a part of Twibbonize, you won’t care about what others say about your college and job anymore.

Now, let’s go down to how’s it actually going to be as an intern in Twibbonize from those who have had the chance for this. Here we introduce Vellisa, Rizka, and Lidia. They were the first batch of interns of Digital Marketing in Twibbonize. We hired them through our intern-sourced partners, Kampus Merdeka Indonesia Jaya, and Hacktiv8. They had the internship program from October 2021 until February 2022 with us and the following is the section for the real experience from them👇

Twibbonize To Be The Career Kick-off? How Can?

Well, we know a start-up company indeed is attractive for some fresh graduates. Now, we are wondering are there is somebody who is dreaming to have a job in a culture like Twibbonize’s (?). Umm, anyway here is their answer of what makes them choose Twibbonize as the beginning of their career;

Vellisa: I choose Twibbonize because it seems fun to be a part of Twibbonize itself (falling in love from first sight with the recruitment process, haha!)  Plus, I am interested in content making/ marketing and Twibbonize’s feeds on Instagram back then were pretty cool!

Rizka: This organization is internationally known for the campaign site products you create. A few times ago, I saw that Twibbonize got viral on Social media, especially TikTok, and I would love to be on a collaborative, hardworking, and resourceful team. Everyone wants to work with the best organization where they learn many new things and strengthen their skills, and I believe Twibbonize is one of them.

Lidia: Back then, I was looking for a place to grow and learn after finishing Hacktiv8’s Bootcamp. I was looking for a place that would offer me a lot of opportunities to try and hone my skills, and a place that treats mistakes as a valuable experience rather than a failure. While looking for such place, I received an interview invitation from Twibbonize. As I attend the interview with Nicky, and later on with Nate, I realized that Twibbonize might be that place I aspired to grow in. They mentioned that in Twibbonize, it is mostly trial and error, and they are used to trying first rather than preparing a long-listed plan. So, I am convinced that this is where I could learn and try, rather than only speaking of theories and plans but not implementation. Besides, doing trial and error means they won’t be mad when finding an error.

How Did the Recruitment Process Go?

Vellisa: It was fun! In fact, it didn’t feel like any usual recruitment process at all, where most of the time we find ourselves to be so tense during interviews. It felt like I and Kak Nate (the recruiter) were having a chit-chat about what we both had and were ready to offer! Five stars!

Rizka: The recruitment process started with interviews and delivered the knowledge, skills, and experience obtained for the role and explained job descriptions to understand the job and assess whether I can for this role. It was courteous, respectful, and sold the benefits of the job role and the organization. After that, I received the offering letter and scheduled for onboarding with Twibbonize’s team. A warm welcome and lots of good wishes on becoming part of the Twibbonize team.

Lidia: We are first scheduled for an interview with HR. In my case, the interview is conducted with Kak Dominic Wulandari. Then, we are scheduled for another interview with the user or direct supervisor. Afterward, suitable candidates will receive an offering letter from the company and proceed to the process of signing all other necessary documents. On the first day of work, we receive a welcoming party from the staff, as well as onboarding training from HR and users.

What Inspires the Interns to Work Everyday? Not To Mention, Working Remotely

Working remotely absolutely requires high initiative. Never met each other in person condition required a high level of commitment tho. Their success in being part of Twibbonize shows their undeniable integrity. Isn’t it? So, how did the Twibbonize interns able to go through the internship program?

Vellisa: The responsibility, obvi! Especially it’s my first time working in a professional field, so even though Twibbonize has a WFA system where everything-may-seems-pretty-chill, I’m still trying to do and accomplish all the jobs and responsibilities that I have while keeping an eye out for my ongoing thesis

Rizka: Success is what motivates me to do a good job. Knowing the fact that my hard work and perseverance will help me achieve greater professional success is what keeps me going. The gratification of overcoming an obstacle is my greatest motivator. I opted to digital marketing, even though it wasn’t required for my major because I wanted to prove to myself I could do it.

The Most Exciting Thing for the Interns

The trio has been a part of Twibbonize since October 2021. Doing tasks within a dismantling work system, taking a part in the cultural formation and the company’s foundation building, aren’t you curious how they think and feel like an intern?

Vellisa: The work culture itself! Twibbonize has WFA (Work From Anywhere) and a flexible working hour system where we can basically work from anywhere and manage our own work time. I mean, we’re living in 2022 rn and in the midst of a pandemic right now, right?

Rizka: Twibbonize’s team members are willing to help each other out — even when it’s not their responsibility. If one of the team has needed the help of another team members lots of times, but it still surprises (and delights) me when a coworker has my back. In a healthy culture, coworkers help each other out — no questions asked.

The company takes care of employee needs. Fun and Warm company culture.

I’ve found that unique perks, games, and quirks endear a company to those who work at Twibbonize. Twibbonize makes the company more lively and helps it stand out from the competition. More importantly, it helps build and retain first-class teams.

Lidia: To me, the most exciting part of interning at Twibbonize is the people inside it. I meet a lot of interesting people, and everyone is friendly. Even as an intern, we are treated with respect, and are asked of our opinion. I really like this, because I feel acknowledged as a part of Twibbonize. Another aspect I really like is Twibbonize’s flexible work hours. Staff is given the freedom to manage their own work, as long as the required work hour and the workload given are accomplished. I am really thankful for this because I still have some seminars and last-year college student responsibilities to attend. Besides, I think this system speaks of Twibbonize trust to all of us, and I really appreciate that.

You Wish You Know When You Were About to Join Twibbonize

After getting into the internship program and with everything they think and feel about it, there might be something they wish they knew in the first place.

Vellisa: I wish I’d known that the people from all teams are all friendly and welcoming you to the club! (since I was pretty nervous back then on the onboarding day, haha!)

Rizka: I believe the skill set & experience I possess will bring value to Twibbonize and, in turn, will help me acquire experience & sharpen my skills amidst Twibbonize’s professional work culture and as a warm company. I positively look forward to giving my best to Twibbonize.

Lidia: I guess I wish I had broader knowledge in my field, so I could contribute more to Twibbonize. As an intern, we have a direct supervisor to guide us through all the workload, but as with other digital companies, we are also asked to improvise and do a trial-error. So, I really wish I have a wider knowledge and experience.

How’s Their Uni Life then?

Vellisa: In general, not too packed since I’m in a final semester, so I don’t have many classes to attend. but I also have some organizational activities in uni, which is pretty packed!

Rizka: One of the best things about college life is that I get a new experience every day. In my college life, along with studying, my friends and I enjoyed a lot of other things. We traveled to many places, had new experiences, and learned many new things.

Lidia: As I am a final year student, I don’t have a lot of college responsibility, to begin with. However, I still have to finish my thesis. So, the challenge is to balance the time spent between internship and thesis.

Tips for Aspiring Twibbonize Team Here ✨

Vellisa: Just pour any ideas that you have, even the random ones, haha! Other than that, just enjoy the rollercoaster ride (it’s no fun if I give the spoilers, no?)

Rizka: Nothing, I should like to convey. Keep warm and solid. Thank you Twibbonize, and see you!

Lidia: Probably to be brave, because I think working in Twibbonize somehow requires bravery hahaha. We don’t have a very detailed plan, we just do our best and innovate along the way. So, trusting your own ability and being brave enough to offer your thoughts is something you should do.

Now, what, where, and how are they?

The answer is they are all now got hired as a full-time employee in Twibbonize. Everything they did during the internship period went more than well, why should Twibbonize let them go right? They have become the face of Twibbonize now, yeay!

How does our HR Team Manage the Twibbonize Internship Program

With all of the interns who have ever been a part of Twibbonize, with everything they have been going through, we cannot forget HR’s role for sure. So, how is the Twibbinize HR team manage the internship program? Here’s what Nicky, the HR Manager of Twibbonize shares;

Twibbonize is an emerging startup company run by young people, so, of course, we want to keep that energy running around. Opening an Internship program is one of our ways to keep the youthful energy in our working environment, as we believe that more fresh ideas will flow more excessively.

We want everyone’s talent equipped with skills and knowledge. How the interns can bring new ideas and energy, all of this adds value to the workplace. Yup, develop your talent and potentially build a pipeline for future full-time employees, that’s what you can get from the Twibbonize internship program. As individuals, our team is also passionate about growing professionally, as we all start from zero with Twibbonize.

We are excited about the idea of having new people coming in to share the same passion and fresh ideas for the same goal. That’s when Kampus Merdeka Indonesia Jaya, in collaboration with Hacktiv8, came in and was our partner for this exciting program.

The process so far has been great and very seamless. We get to meet interns with great quality, both personally and professionally, through Hacktiv8’s talent pool. So far, the interns themselves are well-grads from the Hacktiv8 Bootcamp program. We haven’t had any chance to open our own Internship Program right now, so the only way to join our internship program is through our partner.

But who knows, we might consider opening our own in the future. So, are you ready to manage and keep updating your professional profile? Stay tuned on our social media, especially LinkedIn where the society builds and engages in a professional network. Access knowledge about Twibbonize, get the insights and opportunities with us there!

Find What Suits You Best

Here is a pool of opportunities. Yup growing across the fields in Twibbonize, why not?

As the internship program aims to develop a set of qualities within you through our support and guidance, you will be surrounded by people who will support you to find the best fitting your passion and who are dedicated to supporting you in enriching your experience sure to put you ahead of your peers.

Equal Opportunity

Twibbonize is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer. We are committed to equal employment opportunity and a diverse workforce regardless of race, color, caste, creed, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, or Veteran status. Affirmative action and non-discrimination policies are applied in all aspects of employment and internships, including recruitment, hiring, promotions, transfers, discipline, terminations, benefits, and training.

Are you dreaming to start your journey in Start-up by working in a shared frequency with you? Come as you are to Twibbonize! Be ready to work in a fast-paced and youthful environment. We are ecstatic to have you on our team!