A New Breakthrough From Villar Group Apart From The Philippines Property Sector

After the biggest virtual brand convention, “The ViCon: Business Opportunities Summit” held to give the opportunity for people to be a part of the biggest real estate brands in the country on last October, now Villar Group company will hold a Retail Innovation and Shopping Expo in the Philippines through the ViCon or the Villar Group Convention on December 3, 2021.

In this expo, ViCon will present exciting retail innovations and a day of elevated shopping experiences. The ViCon also present this event as the biggest retail virtual convention of the year. An innovative frame has also been created and shared on Twibbonize for anyone who would like to support the successful implementation of The Vicon III: Retail.Innovation.Shopping Expo.

The Vicon III: Retail.Innovation.Shopping Expo! – by ViCon AVG

Link: https://twb.nz/viconrise

This frame is made with a simple design but looks luxurious with the lens flare elements and orange color. There are even already more than 5 thousand supporters for this frame coming from the Filipino people. This shows the enthusiasm of the Filipino people for this spectacular event. If you would like to know more information or to join the event, you may visit www.thevicon.ph/registration

This company keeps monitoring the market situations and conditions in the Philippines in such industries. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Villar Group notice that digital transformation has significantly accelerated, the government sets a policy of restricting activities, and people are forced to adapt to these changes. The impact is that the global economy has slowed down, so it has created opportunities for the Villar Group to design new business models and revenue sources.

The Villar Group Convention also understands that Filipino consumer habits have shifted from visiting physical stores and malls into digital due to restrictions of physical access by the Government. For Villar Group, it is either gets to adapt or get left behind. The Villar Group has even embraced technology following the changes in how the world operates.

The company realized that COVID-19 has significantly changed the retail industry. Even though many industries may have gone through hard times due to the current pandemic, but it is actually forcing the organization to become resilient and innovative in many unexpected ways.

Last June, The Villar Group of Companies have launched the first and the biggest virtual property exposition in the country. The ViCon showcases complete real property offerings from various price points across the Philippines whether it’s a dream home, solid investment, or premium commercial spaces. Through this event, The Villar Group urged Filipinos of real property agents, licensed brokers, and referral partners for its wide range of housing portfolios to gather together.

The Villar Group of Companies, led by Manuel B. Villar Jr., is a former Senate President and known as the country’s wealthiest individual. The Villar Group of Companies is engaged in property development, retail and banking through subsidiaries Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc., Starmalls Inc., Golden Bria Holdings Inc., All Value Holdings Corp., and AllBank.

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