A Message In The Middle of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

Still in the orange atmosphere. Amid the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence which has started on November 25, 2021, Twibbonize News will present to you someone on frame.

Still in the orange atmosphere. Amid the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence which has started on November 25, 2021, Twibbonize News will present to you someone on frame.

An Executive Director of Emancipate Indonesia, a foundation that focuses on the issue of modern slavery and young workers that always prioritize gender aspects. He is Margianta Surahman Juhanda Dinata, called Margianta.

Growing up by a single parent mother, Margianta awared about the gender issues since early stage. His mother is an educator and researcher who experienced gender-based discrimination and violence. “My mom is my biggest source of inspiration. He taught me how men can be ally/partner in fighting for gender justice,” said Margianta.

Since high school, Margianta has been active in dealing with the rights and participation of children and young people in development issues, particularly for health and gender justice.

When he was a final year student in 2017, Margianta established Emancipate Indonesia. He is currently active as a member of the Indonesian Youth Council For Tobacco Control (IYCTC), a consultant for the Yayasan Lentera Anak, and a consultant for UNICEF Headquarter New York regarding global health programs and youth for the prevention of non-communicable diseases.

Dukungan Permendikbud PPKS – by Jihan Faatihah

Link: https://twb.nz/jarmudpermenppks

In this frame, Margianta supports the act of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia number 30 of 2021 concerning the Prevention and Handling Sexual Violence in college.

The participation is very diverse demographically, it seems as if this frame belongs to everyone for Margianta. This is encouraged him support this frame.

The suppoer amount of this frame reached more than 18 thousand. For Margianta, it is shows that the issue of sexual violence is indeed valid and deserves to be fought for.

Similar to what was said in 16dayscampaign.org, that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges that needs the individual and collective solutions, Margianta sees an emergency for cases of gender-based violence in the country he is living.

According to Margianta, “this is a generational problem that has been passed down to us from our previous generations and this is a joint homework that has not been completed”. For Margianta, Twibbonize has bridged communication between generations for this issue and is a way to raise awareness among all groups and help encourage people to speak up.

The personal story in the Twibbonize frame caption shared on social media by supporters of this campaign is the point. Petitions, donations, discussion, advocacy, and research can also be done to support the achievement of the campaign objectives.

Not to be missed, Margianta also conveyed three messages addressed to fellow men as partners in realizing justice. The first message is that the victims are not only women, but man too.

The second message is that men should not take the stage to speak on behalf of women. Men should support the voices of their survivors, who are mostly women, so that they have the opportunity of their voices to be heard.

“In the issue of gender-based violence, men are not the most disadvantaged, men are often the source of problems. So, what we should do is become partners to strengthen the voices that have spoken, especially the survivors who dare to speak in public, because I believe no one is voiceless, everyone has a voice, but the thing is who holds the microphone” said Margianta.

His last message to men was not to be silent and do something when sexual harassment or violence occurred, whether perpetrated by campus seniors, as well as the officials and campus staff. It should be noted that victims of sexual harassment might experience tonic mobility from body’s chemical reactions that make the victim unable to move.

In addition, sexism jokes where women is the objects in it are also inappropriate things to consider someone’s masculinity conversations. “There is no need to imagine that women are your mothers, women are human beings who also want to be respected. Respect them and don’t join in a toxic masculinity” said Margianta.

Fight the sexual harassment with bystander intervention strategy by Hollaback! Jakarta.

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