After an entire hardworking year, taking a look back and releasing the satisfaction that has been obtained is quite necessary to appreciate the perspiration of the people behind it and to get further motivation. It should be a special occasion that all company members are always eagerly waiting as organized by this company.

A global digital transformation company, Sutherland will get-together its people in the Philippines at a year-end party. With a concept of neon light, Sutherland prepares the exciting prizes with a raffle system and performances for all of the employees.

Before the D-day on December 18, 2021, they were showing excitement through their social media. By all means on the official social media pages of Sutherland Philippines. Not only posts of video invitations with exciting captions, but a Twibbonize frame has also been created with the concept of neon light to enliven it.

Sutherland Neon Party – by Sutherland Philippines


The beauty of purple color which slightly pink to blue in neon light colors up the frame. Two days to go, there are more than 3 thousand people have their photos framed attractively by this Twibbonize frame.

Members of Sutherland Philippines are also getting ready for their neon outfits and lights on the NEON Year End Party.

Any updates may be released on Sutherland’s official social media pages on Facebook of Sutherland Philippines, and Instagram of @sutherlandlifeapac.

Sutherland Global Services is one of the largest process transformation companies that serves as a global provider of process transformation services. Analytics-driven IT services, back-office, and customer-facing solutions that support the entire customer lifecycle are what Sutherland offers. Sutherland was established in 1986 and have a headquarter in Rochester, N.Y. Sutherland also exists across the United States, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, Estonia, India, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, Slovakia, Sweden, UAE, and United Kingdom.

A celebration at your workforce would build strong teams by incorporating your company’s purpose into your event planning, and this festive season will be the right time to do it. Let your company members create moments together for stronger bonding among them, and let Twibbonize help you to enliven it.