Feeling in the middle of the year already, but it’s still almost guys! We have to finish this May to go to the middle of 2022. Time flies huh? but we are the pilot anyway. Well, it’s time for mayapples to bloom, just like you who have “May” in your name, your day is coming buddy!

Let’s talk a bit about something etymological here, it’s quite insightful for you who have “May” in your name, we guess. Quoted from Wikipedia, there are two etymologies of “May”, the first said that “May” comes from Latin, which is “Maius”. It was a name for the Greek goddess “Maia” who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility, Bona Dea, whose festival was held this month. She is also the goddess who embodied the concept of growth, both in nature and in business, she oversaw the growth of plants. The second said that it’s provided by the Roman poet Ovid, who says that May is named for the maiores, Latin for “elders”. Besides those two, timeanddate.com gives another etymology, where Others connect ”Maius” with ”Maiores” which are the ancestors or the greater ones.

Now, for you who have “May” in your name may feel greater as you know the more meaning behind your name. Also, you must be that Taurus (a.k.a the bull), or that Gemini. What have you prepared for your month by the way besides your birthday celebration?

It’s a spring month in the northern half of the world, and a fall month in the southern half, let’s see what occasions are waiting for us there for the next 31 days!

1 May 2022 • International Labour Day or May Day

2 May 2022 • World Laughter Day

2 May 2022 • Eid Al-Fitr

2 May 2022 • World Tuna Day

3 May 2022 • World Press Freedom Day

4 May 2022 • World Asthma Day

5 May 2022 • International Midwives Day

5 May 2022 • World Portuguese Language Day

7 May 2022 • World Athletics Day

8 May 2022 • World Red Cross Day

8 May 2022 • World Thalassaemia Day

10 May 2022 • World Lupus Day

12 May 2022 • International Nurses Day

13 May 2022 • IEEE Global Engineering Day

14 May 2022 • World Migratory Bird Day

15 May 2022 • International Day of Families

16 May 2022 • Vesak, the Day of the Full Moon

16 May 2022 • International Day of Light

16 May 2022 • International Day of Living Together in Peace

17 May 2022 • World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

17 May 2022 • World Hypertension Day

18 May 2022 • World AIDS Vaccine Day

18 May 2022 • International Museum Day

20 May 2022 • World Bee Day

21 May 2022 • World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

21 May 2022 • International Tea Day

22 May 2022 • International Day for Biological Diversity

23 May 2022 • International Day to End Obstetric Fistula

24 May 2022 • World Schizophrenia Day

26 May 2022 • The Ascension of Jesus Christ

29 May 2022 • International Day of UN Peacekeepers

31 May 2022 • World No-Tobacco Day

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