Still cannot let go of the candlelight memorial situation to remember the lives lost to AIDS. Every third Sunday of May is the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial (IACM) day, and this year, the global community has held it on May 15, 2022. IACM has been started in 1983 by people living with HIV.

Thousands of events have been organized across the world to uplift the ceremonies, trying to raise awareness about HIV and help to break the stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. Wherever you are right now you can join any event digitally with Twibbonize today.

Here is from the Philippines, the frame of IACM encouraging people to mark 2022 IACM. In this country, an estimated 93,400 Filipinos are living with HIV by the end of 2019, and the number of diagnosed HIV cases has been increasing from 1 per day in 2008 to 38 per day in 2019, cited to the Department of Health of the Republic of the Philippines.

HIV, AIDS, and ART Registry of the Philippines (HARP) reported that in March 2019, there were 1,172 newly diagnosed HIV cases, and 50 percent (591) of the cases belonged to 25-34 years old while 31 percent (359) belonged to the 15-24 years old at the time of testing.

Seeing the situation of HIV in this country, IACM becomes an important opportunity to be voiced out. With that being said, below is a Twibbonize frame of IACM for all the Filipinos;

International Aids Candlelight Memorial 2022 • by KERIS

Thousand of Filipino have supported the IACM frame to join the commemoration. You can find a dozen similar IACM frames created by different campaign creators in Twibbonize. By sharing your photo in the IACM frame through your social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we see you have taken a step to spread awareness about HIV, you are giving hope to our new generations and to reach global solidarity.